Griffons are great little dogs who adapt well to many lifestyles. A well socialised and trained griffon will suit families, older people, city and rural lifestyles. Being a toy breed, they expect human companionship, so you need to have quality time to share with your dog. They love a lap to sit on, but they do not need to be turned into yappy spoiled brats! They do best with consistent rules, positive training and interactive time with you. THEY ARE NOT SUITED TO A TOTALLY OUTDOOR EXISTENCE, or to full time workers. I am very happy to discuss your needs and the suitability of this breed for you. You are committing to my puppy for 12 - 14 years or possibly longer, so you need to be sure.

If you are interested, please email me, or phone me so we can discuss things. If you live close enough, you are very welcome to come and meet the dogs, even before we have puppies. I do limit visitors when my puppies are very small to minimise risk of disease, but once they are a bit bigger, you are welcome to visit. It is rarely a case of choosing which puppy you want as the litters are usually small and if you specifically want say a rough red boy, I may have only one, with a bunch of red smooth sisters - they never seem to produce to order! I will also not guarantee a sale until they are at least 6-8 weeks, by which stage they will be vet checked and evaluated. I don’t want you to be disappointed! My puppies are usually 12 weeks of age before they step out into the world.