Grooming your smooth coated griffon is a breeze. A regular bath (monthly) with a comb through the coat in between should keep the hair loss under control.

Grooming your rough coated griffon is a little more involved. A monthly bath and regular brushing is a good starting point. Beyond that, it becomes personal taste as to what look you are after. Some options are:
SHOW PRESENTATION - this is done by regular hand stripping, done by finger plucking out the long dead hairs. It is time-consuming, but the dogs accept it well, and it gives a good finished look.
TIDY PET - this is usually done by shaving the coat on the dog, while leaving the characteristic beard. Over time, shaving will change the coat texture, and may cause it to become a shade lighter.
REALLY ROUGH - even if you like the ruff-n-ready look, your dog will still need regular bathing, and some tidying around the eyes and bum to for hygiene reasons.

We are more than happy to help you learn to manage your dog's coat to suit what you want.