Troubadour Dalmatians began in the Dog World in 1978, under the mother/daughter dual ownership of Sue Angliss and Sally Stewart. In 1998, our first Griffon, Finspar Bronznova Mia found room in our lives, and a new chapter began, although we faded from the show circuit to raise a family. 2008 saw our renaissance in Dog World involvement, concentrating more on the Griffons, although we have never been without at least one spotty face. Our current Griffon crew have descended from Hazel (Ch Tzani Brier Rose (AI)) from Diana Norman and Tim Mills. Dalmatian Daisy joined the family in 2019 from Jenni O'Connor (Neehi), rekindling our involvement with that breed.

In other life, we are still very much a family concern. These days we are Sally Stewart and two daughters: Kersti Priebbenow (Griffons) and Penny Stewart (Dalmatians). The grandchildren are also becoming involved in showing, making the fourth generation of Troubadour humans!
Prior to retiring, Sally was a Veterinary Practice Manager, with a special interest in Dog Behaviour. She is a Delta accredited Behavioural Dog Trainer, teaching Puppy Preschool and adult dog training classes.

At Troubadour, we place great emphasis of breeding from good sound stock, and in raising puppies in a family environment. We do not breed frequently. Puppies are only released to approved homes and come with an offer of lifetime association and help if required.