This is a relatively rare breed, and you may need to wait for puppies. They have small litters, and if you want something specific, you may be disappointed.

There are two coat types:
SMOOTH (also called the Petit Brabancon)
ROUGH (with a beard, and a scruffy coat which will need maintenance)
There are three colour options:
RED (the only colour I breed)
BLACK & TAN (marked like a little Dobermann)
Litters can contain both coat types, and several colours, depending on the parents and the genes involved.

Griffon puppies are rarely ready to leave mum before 10 - 12 weeks as they mature slowly. They are very small and easy to trip over to begin with. It is a good idea to crate train your puppy, or provide a safe playpen right from day 1 to prevent accidents and make house-training easier. You will get a folder of information regarding diet, vaccination, worming, training and management. Your puppy is a purebred puppy, with a pedigree listed on either the full or limited registered, depending on whether you want a show dog or a companion. He/she will be wormed and vaccinated to date when you collect him/her, and raised on premium quality food. He/she will be microchipped and have a complete vet check prior to collection, and I encourage you to visit your vet to confirm this. My aim as a responsible breeder is to provide you with a happy healthy puppy by screening the parents for conditions of concern and to deal with purchasers transparently. Please refer to the separate page regarding currently known conditions in this breed.

Troubadour puppies always remain part of their extended family. I'm always pleased to see them again! I also offer a lifetime association for help and support for any issues you need help with.