Dalmatians are generally very healthy dogs, but you need to be aware of several things that we watch very closely for:

HEARING - Dalmatians can be born deaf in one or both ears. These individuals are often anxious, and require very specialised training to live safe and happy lives. For this reason, our puppies are BAER tested at 6 week, and you will receive proof of their hearing status.

SKIN - being predominantly white dogs, some individuals may develop skin allergies. We only breed from dogs without allergies, but individuals may still develop sensitivities, often to grasses. It is currently very "fashionable" to decide itchy dogs have food allergies, although these are actually very rare. Using grain-free diets is NOT RECOMMENDED, as this is even less common as an allergen in dogs.

JOINTS - like many long legged breeds of dog, we are becoming more aware of joint problems developing in young dogs. While part of this may be inherited, their early life in their new homes also plays a vital part. It is essential to maintain a good weight throughout their lives. Heavy puppies put more pressure on developing joints. There is increasing evidence that early desexing can affect joint development. Over exercising young puppies, or engaging in too much rough-and-tumble play with bigger dogs can also lead to problems. Lastly, jumping down from retaining walls or similar can damage joints. Bottom line: we breed from dogs with strong, healthy bones and joints, but you must ensure that the pup has the best opportunity to grow to adulthood free of injury or overload.

URINARY ISSUES - Dalmatians have a unique urinary system, which means that some individuals may be predisposed to form crystals in their urine. These can cause serious blockages which can be life-threatening if not cleared. The good news is that sufferers can usually be managed on low purine diets. Always ensure your Dalmatian has fresh water to drink, and be on the look out for signs of discomfort when urinating. If your Dalmatian sees blood, or seems unable to wee, you need to see your vet urgently.